Mar 162012

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  31 Comments to “Lentil Spinach”

  1. Delicious, pretty filling, (I got a small and was definitely full) doesn’t taste bland at all too. I recommend.

  2. he gave me the lentil soup and it is so good I am so happy 🙂

  3. This soup does not SOUND good but it AMAZING. I got it for lunch one day when I was sick and I swear it cured me. This lentil soup is simply the best. I want the recipe so bad.

  4. Not a lie when people say they can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, because I had it for breakfast (as leftovers) and dinner last night and I still want more

  5. This soup put me in a different tax bracket.

  6. This soup gives me extra girth

  7. This is the kind of meal that makes me feel as though I am back home on the reef being spoon fed seaweed by my adopted parents. I love this soup like I love them and in a bizarre way like i love myself. I’ve always been the kind of fella who would eat handfuls of dried lentils but to actually eat them cooked is AMAZING. PERIOD. The seaweed that is advertised as spinach is a very interesting and complimentary taste with the lentils. I’ve always been the kind of fella that will lie to your face about how good a soup tastes, but not this soup! It is genuinely the best lentil soup I have ever had the opportunity to pour into my mouth using a funnel fashioned from a thin cardboard box that i was able to pick up on the side of the street in front of the actual restaurant. Thank you.

  8. Not chicken tortilla

  9. This soup makes me believe that love might actually exsist.

  10. I dream about this soup every night, it’s starting to get concerning. This soup is the best thing to happen to me and the reason I wake up every morning. Darn good always on my mind, couldn’t have gotten through college with out you!

  11. This soup gets me out of bed every morning.

  12. This is an awesome, light, healthy soup that I LOVE!!! Noooooo need for any meat in this wonderful soup

  13. I thought i only loved my bed and my momma BUT turns out i cant get enough of darn good soup! I LOOVE this soup. like next level AMAZE

  14. This soup is phenomenal. This kind of told could actually save the world.

  15. My first experience here and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Very hearty and filling…but somehow left me craving more.

  16. LENTIL SPINACH. somewhere between awesomely delicious, spectacularly tasty and beyond-belief healthy. Don’t pass this one up.

  17. This soup single handedly cured my depression!

  18. As a very health conscious eater, this soup is one of the best things I have ever eaten. I could eat this soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. So delicious and healthy!

  19. NEVER would have considered ordering this but tried it when someone brought lunch to work…ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!

  20. One of my absolute favorites! DELICIOUS!

  21. It’s by far the best lentil soup I have ever had, I love spinach & it just tops it off. amazing!!

  22. I have had lentil soup before… but nothing like this. I love the spinach and lemon, great combination! delicioso!

  23. During my Daniel Fast in January 2014, this soup was new for me but certainly delighted versus disappointed!

  24. Those secret spices really make this soup taste amazing it is a fabulous balance of sweet, spicy, and taste of a homemade meal.

  25. Best lentil soup I ever had!!!Seasoned perfect. Worth the ride.

  26. I am not vegetarian, though I choose those dishes more often than not. This soup was delicious. I love making my own soups, and only wish I could make something that tastes like this! Hearty and filling, I’ll buy this at least twice a week for as long as they offer it. Also, not a huge fan of lemon, but it really lightened this up. Perfect.

  27. This soup was delicious, and half of a small size filled me up. So savory. A healthy comfort food- you don’t find that very often!! A+++ 🙂

  28. I need to know the secret spices because this is the best soup I have ever had! Vegetarian of 8 years, and this is the top of the top.

  29. I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian, but I tried this soup and it blew my mind! It’s like a chili for vegans!

  30. I thought it was only fair that I should comment on this considering I literally eat it for lunch 3-5x a week. It’s DELICIOUS and so filling. I’m a meat eater for sure, but this is the most filling, hearty, yummy vegetarian meal ever!

  31. As a gluten-free vegan who pays attention to my waistline, the lentil spinach soup is my everything. So hearty (more like a stew really), so healthy, and so flavorful (which is not a hallmark of many gluten-free vegan options offered in restaurants). Yum!

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