Today’s Soups

We're working on today's menu ... Tuesday's soup list will be posted by 10am.


  • Ghangis D. Carter on Creole Shrimp ChowderThis was the first soup I tasted circa fall '10 and it hasn't disappointed...ever! Great seafood taste with a Creole kick and the shrimp keep coming!
  • Colin on Ginger PorkGinger pork is back! Totally eating that today
  • Adam Kolakowski on Cold BorschtI always wanted soup when I was younger but my mother was a prude in terms of her soup serving for dinner time with my friends and family so one time when I was playing Scram Ball with my friend Korn I decided to try Chicken Scrap Soup and I fell in love with soup. This was my first time at Darn Good Soup and this was my first soup here. It was incredible. The name is deceiving but this soup is actually much better than it sounds. I love food soup shrimp soup food.


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