Today’s Soups

We're working on today's menu ... Wednesday's soup list will be posted by 10am.

  • eunae on Lentil Spinachhe gave me the lentil soup and it is so good I am so happy 🙂
  • katrina on West African Chicken PeanutI was excited to try this after all the great reviews. but to be honest I am not sure what all the hype is about. I know I will be the most hated person for this review, but im just sayin. there are others at DGS that I love much more.
  • Lindsey on Lentil SpinachThis soup does not SOUND good but it AMAZING. I got it for lunch one day when I was sick and I swear it cured me. This lentil soup is simply the best. I want the recipe so bad.

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