Today’s Soups

We're working on today's menu ... Wednesday's soup list will be posted by 10am.

  • Beth on Potato PoblanoI’m in love with this soup... only problem is it’s “ran out” nearly every time it’s listed on the menu. For popular soups such as this one and other like broccoli and cheese, it would be nice to post on the menu/website if for some reason it’s no longer available. Instead of the customer driving to find out this is the case. Or maybe helpful to make extra for these popular soups. You must be doing something right if they are sold out that quick! Here’s to more good soups. The last time I had it, it seem better then past batches( more cheese maybe?) anyway delicious
  • African Chicky P on West African Chicken PeanutYo yo yo, this soup is off da chain bangin! A little kick, and a lil smoke all finished with the creamy peanutty flava-flav! Ooooh my Ooookra, how could I forget, tender leafy little dream nuggets of greens. And all the right seasonings, this soup is something mean.
  • Rebekah on Popeye’s Sweet PeaI love this soup more than any other soup in the entire world!

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