Today’s Soups

Thursday, December 18th


  • Ghangis D. Carter on Chicken Andouille GumboLet's just say I could have purchased the entire pot of this Cajun delicacy!'ve outdone yourself once more! I am okra's worst critic; but, I was able to handle it because of all the other offerings in this gumbo. This one needs to be offered daily or, at least, as often as possible! Hearty as ever and the chicken and Andouille sausage were plentiful! This one gets a French Quarters thumbs-up!
  • Ghangis D. Carter on Dax’s Pork and TomatilloAlready a lifelong fan of tomatillo salsa, I stretched my palate and tried this soup. As usual, the soup didn't disappoint and made for a tasty, hearty bite to eat! The confluence of ingredients was spot on!
  • Martie on West African Chicken PeanutOne of life's little addictions for me. it's thick and flavorful.


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