Today’s Soups

We're working on today's menu ... Saturday's soup list will be posted by 10am.


  • Mariah Geraci on Hoppin’ JohnIn my attempt to try every soup available at this amazing eatery, I happened upon this one one afternoon. I must say, I was a little hesitant at first (I actually ordered two soups...just in case), but never has greens and black eyed peas tasted so good. Another job well done Darn Good Soup! My husband and I both find ourselves actually enjoying foods we had not cared for previously. Ah ha! I must try this with the children!
  • Hope on Sausage and PeppersThis soup is by far my favorite of all time! I check the website everyday just to see if this is available. Gluten & dairy free.. and delicious!
  • Betty Ryan on BaksoThis soup has so much flavor. It is spicy but great to open the sinuses. One other soup that I love from Darn Good Soup.


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