Today’s Soups

Friday, January 19th

  • Elaine on Sweet Potato Coconutseriously the best soup i have ever had. i dream of this soup & no joke - i check the menu almost every day to see if they have it!
  • Arh on Red Beans and RiceI’ve been upset ever since a local chain took their red beans & rice off their menu. Today I had the opportunity to try DGS’ version and...WOW! What a HUGE difference! Hearty and spicy and full of flavor. Cravings satisfied above and beyond! Add another menu item to my growing list of favorites from DGS. Well done!
  • Jim L. on MulligatawnyI had been sick in bed with the flu for the entire past week when my daughter brought this soup home to me yesterday. I felt better immediately. Today I woke up at 4:00AM, scraped the windshields of all the cars in my parking lot, ran 13 miles, benched a personal best, and held up the back bumper of my neighbor's pickup bare-handed while he changed his tire in sub-zero weather. I ate the last of the soup for lunch and was able to read Joyce's "Ulysses" in its entirety while doing so in about 40 minutes. I didn't need my readers. I credit it all to the soup. This soup has made me taller and better looking.

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