Today’s Soups

We're working on today's menu ... Sunday's soup list will be posted by 10am.

  • Martigan on Fantastic Sally’s Spicy BeanThis soup is truly "fantastic"! Very hearty, chock-full of beans. I'm a DGS regular and I can say without a doubt, that this is the spiciest soup on the menu. The flavor is out of this world, and the spice hits you after a few good bites. Also definitely one of the more filling options on the menu. This soup is GREAT for a cold winter's day or if you need something good to unclog your sinuses!
  • Shwazy on West African Chicken PeanutIf I could afford a 11,600 gallon tanker of this soup I would cop no lie.
  • Constance Healy on Twice Baked PotatoIt's finally happened. After an age of watching Twice Baked Potato come and go on the menu, I finally got to taste this soup before it ran out (and it runs out fast!). It's amazing, It's stupendous, It's everything you've ever dreamed of and 27 more things that you never imagined could be. It's velvety, savory and very cheesy.

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