Mar 162012
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  14 Comments to “Yellow Squash and Shrimp Bisque”

  1. Great soup! Perfect consistency and all the flavors mesh really well together. Highly recommended squeezing a few lemon wedges of juice in it. Perfect finishing touch

  2. All the seafood soups at DGS are astonishingly good, but this one is a special stand out. It has a generous proportion of shrimp, and the yellow squash is an excellent pairing. It’s very tasty!

  3. OMG!!!!! This soup was an incredible Bell Ringer!!!! A taste bud orgasm!!!! I will get this soup every time they make it!!!

  4. Hadn’t tried this soup until recently and it is out of this world. Definitely my new favorite; creamy, with rich flavors, and the perfect amount of shrimp.

  5. SO GOOD. i want to buy the whole pot.

  6. This soup is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! With such great flavor and darn good shrimp, it made me feel like I was somewhere in the sunny south on the bayou. Definitely one of my new favorites!

  7. OH MY GOODNESS. Why have I never tried this soup before? New favorite! Incredible!

  8. I regularly go here but never leave reviews. This soup blew my mind and I had to say something. Please supply me more!

  9. Despite being a lifelong loather of squash, the Yellow Squash and Shrimp Bisque didn’t disappoint, much like any other soup I’ve tried since I first experience this gem of a soup locale in winter 2010! Nels keep the good soup concoctions coming! Happy holidays and a pristine 2016!

  10. Had this soup for the first time today and it was one of the best I’ve had here! Highly recommend.

  11. This soup was delicious! Definitely worth making a comment for. It was very creamy with hearty pieces of shrimp. I highly recommend this for a cold day.

  12. This is the thickest soup I’ve had here- definitely a bisque! I was very happy to see the shrimp was not tiny frozen salad shrimp and it was plentiful in the soup. Thumbs up!

  13. Nice creamy soup with good flavor!

  14. I was adverse to trying this soup for a long time. I usually take my soup back to work to eat at my desk, so I try to avoid anything that might smell fishy.

    Screw that, I’m getting this soup every time I see it! It’s so creamy and tasty with just the right amount of shrimp!

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