Mar 162012

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  5 Comments to “White Bean Andouille”

  1. This soup helps fill my craving for BEANS!!! I’m in denial about it, but beans just keep me going. LOVE the white beans too.. way less sketchy than yellow beans

  2. This was the first soup I ever had here. I brought a friend with me, and we bonded over soup. After that, we kept coming back and it became our go to spot. This soup literally helped spark a fantastic, life long friendship. I love you Sarah, as much as I love this white bean andouille

  3. This soup is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted in my life. I check the website everyday and I thank god whenever I see this beautiful unicorn.

  4. This is a fantastic soup. Thick and loaded with andouille and perfectly spiced.

    I am a very good cook, and I couldn’t do any better or even as well.

    If I could afford it (I am disabled) I would eat here every day- it’s that good.

    Nels is a true food artiste who has a good feel for what works.

    The best soup I have had anywhere.

  5. This is my younger son’s favorite soup (he is 13). He loves the flavor and texture.

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