Mar 162012

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  13 Comments to “Twice Baked Potato”

  1. I wish they made this soup everyday. It’s heaven in my mouth.

  2. It’s finally happened. After an age of watching Twice Baked Potato come and go on the menu, I finally got to taste this soup before it ran out (and it runs out fast!). It’s amazing, It’s stupendous, It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of and 27 more things that you never imagined could be. It’s velvety, savory and very cheesy.

  3. I look everyday for this soup to be posted. IT IS AMAZING. Please add to the daily!

  4. You don’t even have to baked once to enjoy this incredible soup! Not ashamed to mention how fast I chow down the Twice Baked Potato every time it’s available. Don’t hesitate to try this one out if you can!

  5. By far my favorite soup, I would get it everyday if it was available!! Yummy yum 🙂

  6. Make it daily!!!

  7. This is my favorite soup! Best I ever had!

  8. Simply amazing and my favorite Soup!! Please add this to the daily Menu!

  9. Best soup there is

  10. This is my favorite soup and the only soup I buy here. Please make it daily!

  11. This is amazing; the flavor, the texture–all amazing.

  12. Please, please add this to the daily menu. It is your best soup and everyone at my workplace would eat this daily!

  13. This is truly the best soup I have ever had. Can’t wait to try more!

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