Mar 162012

A silly name for a cream of sweet pea soup.

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  11 Comments to “Popeye’s Sweet Pea”

  1. I love this soup more than any other soup in the entire world!

  2. Deceptively simple. This is a sweet, creamy, delicious soup that you’ll love! It has whole peas in it to give texture, and I always manage to fish those out first because I love them so much. Just the right amount of pepper. so good

  3. 20/10 would recommend

  4. I went vegan back in July, and this soup is possibly the only thing that I really, truly miss deep in my heart. If you could possibly work out a vegan version, I would try to make a point to come in every day that you offer it.

  5. Today’s rainy gloomy outdoors would be nicer with this pea soup. Cheers.

  6. honey i ain’t hipster but this soup could sure make my hips stir!

  7. This soup is amazing. Period. It makes me more excited than what is reasonable when I see it on the menu.

  8. Popeye’s Sweet Pea is so good. Best soup ever.

  9. Popeye’s Sweet Pea is pure magic! I never knew I loved pea soup until DGS did it so right.

  10. Popeye”s sweet pea soup is worth fighting your way downtown for, no matter the weather, traffic, or any other imaginable obstacle! It is to die for! Good job, Nels.

  11. This one is my favorite, alongside the corn chowder. It is by far the best sweet pea soup I’ve ever had!

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