Mar 162012

Everything in a Philly cheese steak sandwich but the bread!

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  7 Comments to “Philly Cheese Steak”

  1. This gottt damn soup takes me back to the 1950’s when I was nothing but a weee little lad. Scrapping together any meal I could with the cold change in me pocket. I am from philly myself and this soup reminds me of the street vendors.

  2. Not many things make me happy. My gf Annabelle makes me the happiest and this soup reminds me of how good she is. If soup tasted like love then this soup is it!!!

  3. Sausage and pepper soup was an absolute dream! Literally….I’ve dreamt about it

  4. This is good very good soup

  5. darn good soup… more like darn good philly cheesesteak. Never had dem steak in da soup b4. By far the biggest bomb dropped on me since HiRoShima ayyyyyyeeeee

  6. WOW!! In town on business today, visited this joint for the first time. WOW!! Excellent concept, excellent soup. Can’t wait to get back. It’s my new B-town spot!!

  7. Mmmmm that’s darn good!

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