Mar 162012

Chicken soup with meatballs, usually only served at special occasions because making all those darn meatballs is a real pain in the tuckus!

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  8 Comments to “Italian Wedding”

  1. I ate this soup while watching my Big Fat Greek Wedding and let me tell you that Italian Wedding was so much better. My friend Ray kept talking about how these meatballs were firm but moist and dang was he correct. This soup changed my life– 8.8/10

  2. Didn’t get your greens today? Boom goes the dynamite…Italian Wedding Soup. It’s a perfect marriage of greens and meat. Get some eh?!

  3. Luv luv luv this soup

  4. Italian Wedding soup was amazing! So flavorful! It’s a must have.

  5. I can honestly say the existence of this soup has brought me to tears. I love your soup, it’s frakking tops, but I’ve recently become violently intolerant to dairy of any sort. And, also, apparently, illiterate. I read the ingredients list three times and somehow passed over “Parmesan” all thrice failures at reading comprehension. Thankfully, about three seconds before I dipped a hunk of fresh bread into the delicious concoction, my lover asked me if I was sure that cheese was not among the ingredients. I was, because I’m illiterate despite an MA in English, dead sure, said I’d eat my hat if there was cheese, breadcrumbs were among the ingredients, however, and those might look like cheese…and then I checked the ingredients list (thank you, by the way, for having this up here, it’s amazingly helpful), and noticed the heretofore unseen Parmesan, said several imprecations against everything associated with Parma, excluding Stendhal, ate my soup-less bread, informed my lover that she now had several days worth of soup (it being a favorite, I’d picked up a large bowl for the admittedly usually out of budget amount because it is worth it for that much awesome soup) nixing all suggestions for culinary alternatives because I’m quite cross when denied soup because of my own stupidity and hunger, and then sadly wrote this, lamenting that I did not mention my delight at the lack of cheese in the soup during the delightful banter with your bemuttonchopped soupière upon the qualities of this particular soup.
    And then the night took a tailspin into an ocean of communication failure

  6. We were in town yesterday; my guys enjoyed your chili & i really enjoyed the chicken tortilla soup (they enjoyed the beans i removed!), but i wish we could’ve stayed today so i could’ve had THIS. Good reason to come back to Bloomington, huh?
    Keep up the good work guys! i know why you’re such a favorite of the locals.

  7. Had the Italian Wedding soup today. It was wonderful!!! I usually get the same thing–the chicken tortilla because it is so good, but decided to give something else a try and am so glad I did.

  8. This is my favorite soup!! I know it’s a lot of work to make, but it is a real treat. Two thumbs way up, Nels!!

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