Mar 162012

A permutation of a Southern casserole- Andouille sausage, black eyed peas, and greens.

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  9 Comments to “Hoppin’ John”

  1. Not chicken tortilla

  2. this soup knocks me off my rocker. i want to fill up my bathtub with this soup and soak in it. i would snort this stuff if i could. bury me in hoppin john!

  3. Just tried this soup for the first time and LOVED it! The flavor of the sausage with the greens and black eyed peas just goes so well together and is now my favorite soup1f so far.

  4. I don’t always eat soup…but when I do, I prefer HOPPIN JOHN!

    Stay soupy my friends!

  5. Not many people other than Popeye like spinach. Especially in soup. However, if you haven’t tried Hoppin’ John you have not lived. This amazing bowl of goodness will make your life better. You will be a better person for having tried this soup. If it’s on the menu…order it.

  6. In my attempt to try every soup available at this amazing eatery, I happened upon this one one afternoon. I must say, I was a little hesitant at first (I actually ordered two soups…just in case), but never has greens and black eyed peas tasted so good. Another job well done Darn Good Soup!
    My husband and I both find ourselves actually enjoying foods we had not cared for previously. Ah ha! I must try this with the children!

  7. Also the best soup ever. Maybe I would have used a spicier weenie, but as it stands I already try to get this every time I see it on the menu. So… it doesn’t sound like there’s really anything to improve..

  8. I love this soup! Nobody knows how to cook greens and black eyed peas anymore. This is perfect. I’m coming back for seconds.

  9. Delicious! Super broth and lots of perfectly cooked greens. I had a hard time choosing between this and the creole shrimp chowder, but am glad I went with this.

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