Mar 162012

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  11 Comments to “Ginger Pork”

  1. I had the flu and felt like garbage but this soup hit the spot. It was everything I needed. Plenty of veggies, lots of piping hot broth, tons of fresh ginger flavor. It was sublime and helped me feel better.

  2. Usually don’t leave reviews, but I was deathly hungover and this soup is literally the only thing that could cure me

  3. I’m pretty sure my wife brought the ginger pork soup home for herself, but she let me have a taste. And we ended up splitting her ginger pork and “my” chicken tortilla so we each had half of each. The chicken tortilla is also delicious, but the ginger pork is truly special.

  4. For me this is the “new” chicken noodle soup–eat if you have a cold or if you’re feeling a little “off” for instant gratification. This soup is chock-full of hearty, yummy vegetables and pork, and the broth has a satisfying kick that will cure what ails you.

  5. Please make this soon! Changed my life and opinion of soup.

  6. Ginger pork is back! Totally eating that today

  7. I love this soup, but I think it’s better with rice than bread.

  8. My new favorite soup, EVER. Thin, flavorful broth accented by a perfect combination of tender pork and veggies!

  9. This is my new addiction! Best soup ever!

  10. This is the best soup we have every eaten. When visiting Bloomington a couple of weeks back we ate this and can not wait until we can have it again! Flavorful, rich broth has just enough heat. Lean, yummy pork in every bite. Hard to describe in words how wonderful this is-you must try it yourself.

  11. Favorite Soup…haven’t see it for a while. 🙁
    But maybe that’s because I’m not intown on the weekends.

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