Mar 162012

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  8 Comments to “Colonel’s Curry Cauliflower”

  1. Creamy soup with the perfect amount of spice. I love this soup!

  2. This soup is the best thing to enter my body and soul this year. It is legit delish.

  3. This soup doesn’t get enough love. It’s quietly creeping into my top 3. Do yourself a favor and try it

  4. I LOVE this soup! I check regularly to see if they have it, and when they do I try to stop by. It is delicious!

  5. WOW! Wasn’t sure about it, but eating it right this moment, and WOW! This is very delicious! Would definitely get it again. I do wish there were small pieces of cauliflower in it, but that’s a itsy bitsy teeny weeny suggestion because this soup is SO GOOD! Great job! GET IT!

  6. The Curry Cauliflower is so delicious, easily my favorite. I wish they offered it every day!

  7. Bring Back The Curry Cauliflower! It’s my all-time favorite.

  8. This one is both extra yummy and refreshingly original! Love it. Two thumbs up.

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