Mar 162012
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  6 Comments to “Creole Shrimp Chowder”

  1. I’m from Louisiana and let me tell you, this is the closest thing I’ve tasted in Bloomington that reminds me of home. If you love creole/Cajun cuisine, get this soup.

  2. For the love of the Hoosiers, PLEASE bring back this soup this weekend

  3. I’m not actually Brian Wilson because he would prefer a nice, all-American chicken and noodle, but this creole shrimp chowder is to die for. If the secret herbs and spices were mixed into some boiling water and served with a side of saltines I would still drop some serious cash on this place, but you absolute nutters have to go and make it a delicious concoction with starches and seafood and act like you aren’t committing a serious crime in draining my bank account of its funds by dangling this culinary work of art in front of my face. At least say there are small rodents mixed into this to stave off my rabid purchasing of this delicious, delicious treat, you madmen. Real talk, don’t do that though, if you were shut down by health inspectors I’d cry. Keep doing what you’re doing. Brian Wilson, out. Love and Mercy.

  4. Those secret herbs and spices are back at it again! This soup is the bomb dot com. The combination of ingredients has me feeling like I’m on a one-way flight to flavortown. Creole Shrimp Chowder puts the shama lama in ding dong.

  5. Prefer the non creole version, but still pretty good.. you should have shrimp/lobster chowders every week!!!!!!!!

  6. This was the first soup I tasted circa fall ’10 and it hasn’t disappointed…ever! Great seafood taste with a Creole kick and the shrimp keep coming!

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