Mar 162012

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  17 Comments to “Chili”

  1. Not chicken tortilla

  2. This chili is outstanding! I have celiac disease and must eat gluten-free, and this soup is so wonderful that I now eat it every week. It is truly comfort food. Thank you!!

  3. Absolutely freaking LOVE the chili!!! I didn’t ever think I would find anyone else who could make a delicious batch of chili other than my husband but you guys NAIL it every single time!!!! I can’t wait to come back to get some more!! I find myself buying one to take home for later too!!!!! Kudos!!!

  4. No man/chili has ever satisfied me with the amount of meat I can truly handle. This chili officially satisfied me in ways I couldn’t imagine. Please serve everyday

  5. Gas, money, Benny, this chili has got me in My feelings! If anyone is looking for a companion to rip this chili with, I’m available any day of the week!¡;)

  6. Just a phenomenal bowl of chili. My experience with it was unprecedented to say the least! Wow.

  7. This chili is outrageous! 10/10 ! Best in town. I could eat bowls on bowls, f*ck it, PINTS ON PINTS!

  8. The best chili in Bloomington!!

  9. The best chili I’ve ever had that I didn’t make myself (sorry mom)

  10. the chili is so amazing sometimes i take home extra so i could bathe in it. i just love everything about the chili so much! BEST CHILI IVE EVER HAD

  11. I tried the Chili today, thinking that it’s just chili and that it wouldn’t be much different than any other chili I’ve had in the past. Wow! This chili is amazing. The perfect amount of spice and great flavor. My coworkers were jealous just smelling it!

  12. Perfect chili.

  13. Darn Good Soup has some “darn good” chili. It is a hearty mix with fresh and vibrant flavors. This chili is the perfect marriage of meat, beans, and veggies. Each time I enjoy it, my taste buds are transported to a bountiful mountain garden and I never want to leave.

  14. Great. Alone or have the staff mix it half and half with another soup. So good. Also try putting it on pasta. This chili is so good.

  15. This is the best place in town, in state, and probably more!
    I have traveled to 19 countries, and I will tell you: no fuss, just good stuff! Ordered almost every soup on the menue, and never got disappointed. We should support the good kitchen, as they are rare today.

  16. This is the best chili that I have ever had in my entire life.

    And I don’t even like beans or ground beef. Or chili.

    The secret herb and spices really are magical. This is one of the most flavorful soups (does chili count as a soup?) available and I love that they have it every day. It’s my favorite item on their menu, but I’ve only tried 5-6 soups, and honestly, everything is delicious. (Some more delicious than others. Like this chili.)

  17. We tried Darn Good Soup a few weeks ago and it was the bomb. My wife and I are hooked and it’s one of our favorite places for our lunch breaks now. This chili is great. Very hearty and flavorful. Thank you

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