Mar 162012
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  37 Comments to “Chicken Tortilla”

  1. The Taylor Swift of soups.
    It inspires legions of ardent fans claiming very loudly that it’s the most amazing thing they’ve ever experienced. They seem to have little interest in other soups.
    For everyone else, while the soup is pretty good, it’s unclear why its stans are losing their minds over it.

  2. Probably the best soup and one of the best meals ever crafted. DGS is an option everyday because this is on the menu everyday. Straight gas.

  3. Such amazing soup. I had it for lunch today and I was very sad when my large bowl was all gone. Good recommendation to ask for an extra bag of tortilla strips.

  4. This soup is so amazing it made my hair stand up and say “wow this is some good soup.” Let me remind you that I am bald and have no hair so this does not happen very often. A perfectly balanced concoction of chicken, spices and broth especially when topped with the tortilla chips.

  5. Oh Lord I wish I had this recipe!! So amazing!! I could eat it every day!

  6. An excellenr, flavorful chicken tortilla, very hearty and warming. If I could give any constructive criticism, I wish it were a bit more spicy, but after some hot sauce it was perfect.

  7. As a soup fanatic I’ve tried my fair share of soups but this is by far my favorite but it has to be from DGS! Hate to be that person but this soup is darn good..

  8. Now THIS is CHICKEN TORTILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Amazingly delicious!

  10. Thought I’d end up w chili but it wasn’t a match. Had some spoon fulls of broccoli cheddar now I look back and laugh….. I’m so. freakin. grateful. for chicken tortilla soup!!!

  11. This soup has me in HEAVEN! just add their hot sauce to your taste…. and perfecto!!! I usually find myself picking around in soups creating the best bite, but with this chicken tortilla every bite is the best bite.

    not to mention that service. in and out everytime.

    thanks darn good soup.

  12. This soup is chunky and darn good! Eating it with bread and the tortillas is heaven in your mouth.

  13. FIRE ! 10/10

  14. Mmm got to get that soups! Its the shizneyee

  15. Everyone should try this soup at least once in their lifetime. Amazing. If it’s your first time at DGS, look no further.

  16. It is fire

  17. This soup is fire. So good

  18. Yesterday I had to run 12 miles for my half marathon training and was so tired and couldn’t move… I called my roommate to see if she could bring me anything and by a stroke of luck she was at Darn Good Soup. She brought me this chicken tortilla soup and OH MY. This soup revived me. It was by far the best soup I think I’ve ever had. So darn good!

  19. I was crying because my life is falling apart, but then I got the chicken tortilla soup and I have a new outlook on life. Be sure to ask for extra tortillas – the crunch is a wonderful addition to the soup.

  20. An outstanding soup that is both hardy and delicious. I have contacted to change the definition of comfort food to this soup but they have yet to respond.

  21. Eating this soup right now and I was in such a depressed mood , now I can hardly contain my joy. I think if we could give everyone this soup world peace would be soon to come!!

  22. This is a soup that eats like a meal! I have only had Darn Good Soup a handful of times, but every one of the ones I have tried have been FANTASTIC! Basically, you can’t go wrong. One of my favorite places to eat in Bloomington…. YUM!

  23. Chicken tortilla soup cannot be fully appreciated without actually eating it. It is so good that I honestly not only do but enjoy rubbing down my body, from head to toe, with it’s deliciousness.

  24. i’m eating this right now and like i can’t contain my love. i am so so so happy right now i feel pure bliss in my life FINALLY. i can’t stop smiling while i eat this my heart it pounding so hard and my toes are jittery that’s how happy i am right now. peace love chicken tortilla!!! woot woot

  25. Absolutely amazing, delicious. I was full but had to keep eating bc it tasted so good.

  26. always available and always makes me smile……thanks for making this a staple in my happy meals of Btown!

  27. Most delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup I have ever had – would be a 10 if it were spicier but the hot sauce they have in the shop is amazing and adding that to the soup makes it just perfection!

  28. THIS SOUP IS SO GOOD. Chunky yet savory and darn good.

  29. This soup cured me of my sickness

  30. YUMMMMM!!!

  31. This is my favorite! I love your chicken tortilla soup!

  32. It is not just good, it is DARN GOOD!

  33. This soup is my new favorite. It reminds me a lot of white chicken chili that I’ve had elsewhere, though it’s not exactly the same and I actually like it better. Yum!

  34. This is the best Chicken Tortilla soup in the world. Yes, even better than in Mexico and they invented the tortilla! Mind blowing.

  35. My favorite soup! It’s really hard not to eat this one to try the others! (I do like it when it is less thick and more soupy).

  36. Love the Chicken Tortilla soup. Everything I have tasted here is good.

  37. I love love love your chicken pot pie soup- please make this more often 🙂

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