Mar 162012

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  6 Comments to “Carrot Ginger”

  1. Not chicken tortilla

  2. Great soup! I don’t even like carrots so this really surprised me on how good it tasted. Will definitely get again.

  3. Love this soup! Now that both ginger carrot and ginger pork are on the menu, perhaps it’s time for some ginger ginger or cream of ginger or julienned ginger in ginger broth?

  4. very good……..delicious, and so good for you, the seasonings are perfect…right amount of ginger

  5. I love soups like this and tried it for the first time yesterday – it rocks! This was the best carrot soup I’ve ever had. Yummo!

  6. Was worried the Carrot Ginger wouldn’t be filling, but it was. Very rich and tasty, and I’m no vegetarian.

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