Jul 192013

Southwestern chicken and yellow squash stew, served with sour cream

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  10 Comments to “Calabacitas”

  1. This soup is made from the tears of god. Ordering the Calabacitas and putting spoon to mouth was a truly transcendent experience, and I will never be the same. The soup itself was incredible, but once I added the sour cream I entered a new plain of existence.

  2. The students are leaving town, the fall air is fresh. Calabacitas is on the menu. VICTORY!!!!!!

  3. My friend Joao and I went with the calabacitas and let me tell you we were not disappointed. We chose this hidden treasure through multiple positive reviews, so we decided to sack up and take a risk. The perfect amount of heartiness and spice leaves you in a state of YUMMMM!!!!!

  4. I tried the Calabacitas today. Has a slight kick to it.Delicious and just what I needed on a chilly day here in Bloomington, IN!

  5. I could easily sell my soul for a bowl of this deeeliousness! Aye, Chihuahua….it was amazing.

  6. Did you know that Calabacita is spanish for squash? Well, I did of course because I’m the Soup Nazi. From this day on I will not refer to squash by it’s American name anymore….Calabacita sounds much better!

    Oh, and by the way this soup named “Calabacitas” is nothing short of amazing. Leave it to the pros at DGS to know that putting sour cream in it will blow your taste buds away! If you ever see this on the menu…get it. Trust me.

  7. We love the Calabacitas soup as well. One day, we decided to try it and fell in love with it. It is our favorite as well as the Kielbasa and Cabbage, Ginger Pork and the Beef tips soups. But we also love all of the others as well. Thank you for being here for us. This is our favorite restaurant.

  8. This soup will have you wishing you had a bottomless bowl. The tender chicken and flavorful corn will have your taste buds singing a chorus of “hallelujahs” after the first mouthful. Right about then, the taste of the delicious yellow-squash will raise your song up an octave. Extremely thankful for this soup and the way it has positively changed my life.

  9. This was fantastic! I would love for this to be one of the soups that you have every day. PLEEEAAAASSSEEEE 🙂

  10. New favorite!! Please keep this one coming!

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