Mar 162012

Hungarian beef stew.  Yumlicious.

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  11 Comments to “Beef Paprikash”

  1. Love Darn Good Soup! Have many favorites but the Beef Paprikash is my new favorite!! So robust, filling, and flavorful but not the least bit heavy or overwhelming. Wow!
    Darn Good Soup, thank you for your consistent and delicious soups.

  2. This is the first time I’ve eaten at “darn good soup” and boy was it delicious!
    The bread was very tasty and I was glad to see that you have real butter.
    I will definitely be back.

  3. This beef Paprikash is frickin Unbelievable. I’m a big fan of meat so this is right up my ally.

    THE BEST!!

  4. Amazing flavor…so full of perfectly cooked mushrooms and beef. The best soup I’ve had there!

  5. A life-long lover of good soup, I have to add my thoughts to this place. Every one I’ve tried has been a delight. Of course, I have several favorites, this being one of them. Beef Paprikash is hearty (such an American word), filling, and so delicious. Each bite takes me back to my European heritage.

  6. Right after eating this soup I wanted to put on a flannel shirt, never shave again, grab an axe and go chop down some trees. Hearty Soup. Amazing.

  7. Anyone who knows me knows that I only enjoy eating out if where I go does it better than I can at home. I have been eating lunch at DGS for a year now. Consistently great food! You all never hold back on the meat or vegetables. Fat chunks of mushrooms and beef in this soup! Handed to me with a smile… great job everyone!

  8. Best soup I’ve ever had. And I’m Hungarian !!!

  9. SO delish, will def. try again!

  10. I love a good beef stew and this was filling AND delicious. Super hearty.

  11. The Beef Paprikash was delicious. lots of meat.

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