Mar 162012

French beef stew.  Thick and hearty!

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  12 Comments to “Beef Bourguignon”

  1. Wonderful flavor! Way too many carrots for my liking, however.

  2. Not Chicken Tortilla.

  3. The best stew on your menu. Please make this more often!

  4. Please make this soon!

  5. I ate 4 servings of this for lunch the other day and have never been happier! This soup makes my mouth water and my tummy grumble! The best part is napping afterwards and waking up to the delicious beef still on your breath. Great soup

  6. This is soooooo good, having an authentic flavor of red wine and tender beef. Please keep this on as your one of staples!

  7. This is the best soup, where is it! Please have this again soon. Thanks!

  8. This is my favorite soup here. I think about it any time it gets cold out. It has sooo much flavor, and I’m not much of a soup person usually. You can really taste how the wine contributes to the flavor. Very french!

  9. Beef Bourguignon is my new favorite. Very rich and full of flavor. Love the big chunks of meat, carrots and mushrooms.

  10. Yep, beef bourguignon is my new favorite. Something unusually tasty about it. Worth trying.

  11. So So GOOD! Darn Good Soups is one of my favorites now.

  12. It is soooooo good! Big slices of mushroom and pieces of beef and a great flavor. I could eat this every day.

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