Mar 162012

A friend who lived in Mali for two years says this tastes just like what he ate there.

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  24 Comments to “West African Chicken Peanut”

  1. After trying the West African Chicken Peanut I find myself thinking about it ALL the time. It is perfection.

  2. Don’t let the name scare you.. THIS SOUP IS AMAZING!! I hooked all my friends on it and it’s one of my favorites here.

  3. This was the one of the two soups on my usual routine. I always get chilli, and something new. Needless to say I’m never disappointed and wasn’t with this new adventure.

  4. I lived in Bloomington for 6 years and this soup is one of the things I miss most since moving away. I check the menu every time I visit in hopes I’ll be able to taste this sweet nectar again.

  5. Outstanding and hearty soup that balances a creamy and sweet peanut butter with lightly spicy and acidic peppers and onions. Martha if you’re reading this, come home I miss you.

  6. Best soup I’ve ever had. I can’t really explain it any other way.

  7. this is literally the greatest thing i’ve ever eaten, please make this more often

  8. Amazing! First time I’ve seen it on the menu. Make again!!!

  9. Make this more often please! I’ve been telling friends about it, but we rarely see it on your website menu. It is delicious.

  10. Curiously delicious! I tried this soup based on the comments alone. I am so glad I did. It was a variety of well balanced flavors and it was very filling. I will definitely have this soup again!

  11. This is delicious and probably my favorite soup here! (It’s also my wife’s favorite. We check the online menu every day hoping to see it…)

  12. This soup is so good!! Bring it back! I wish it was available more often.

  13. Damn Good Soup! This has a little bit of a kick to it; love that.

  14. It’s a serious addiction of mine!

  15. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only eat one thing it might be this soup

  16. This is my favorite soup here! I wish it was offered more often (wink wink nudge nudge)

  17. One of life’s little addictions for me. it’s thick and flavorful.

  18. My favorite soup here. I check the website daily and make it a point to come to Darn Good when this soup is offered!

  19. this is one of my favorites. I will drop almost anything to go get this soup when I see it online. I would wait in a moving line going uphill in the snow with no shoes on for this soup. sometimes I eat the styrofoam bowl after eating the soup because there are remnants up in there and I can’t bring myself to throw them away.

  20. Wow! The name sas it all. DARN GOOD SOUP! More, more!

  21. This is my absolute favorite soup you guys make. I check your website everyday I’m on Kirkwood, hoping to see it on the menu!

  22. Holy peanut Soupman,

    This is darn good soup!

  23. I would eat this everyday if I could.

  24. This is the best soup you guys have, I can’t wait till you make it again! Please make it soon!

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