Oct 032016

Stuffed cabbage rolls, unrolled!  Served over rice.  Yummtastic.

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  15 Comments to “Unstuffed Cabbage”

  1. Tried this soup for the first time today and really enjoyed it. It is VERY tasty! My only suggestion would be to add some broth or liquid of some kind – it is not really a “soup,” but more like an extremely thick chili w/cabbage. Still quite good though : )

  2. I loved getting stuffed on this unstuffed cabbage. I owe my freshman 15 and sophomore 20 to this soup. The vegetables are always warm.

  3. Phil’s Unstuffed Cabbage soup is what every humble cabbage on planet earth aspires to become.

  4. This soup filled me up so good. oh yeah. I finished and was just so satisfied. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

  5. Very sad to see the bottom of my bowl. This soup is filling and delicious. Will be my go-to soup!

  6. Unstuffed cabbage is absolutely awesome !!!! Very good soup .

  7. What Carl said…

  8. Careful, this soup may drastically alter your outlook on life. Your taste buds may very likely reject anything other than this soup for years to come. This soup keeps me up at night. You’ve been warned.


  10. The absolute best soup!!!! Please make it every week.

  11. Absolutely love the soup- wish I got a large! So glad I tried something new. You guys are fantastic!

  12. I want to make love to this soup

  13. This soup is amazing!!

  14. I love the unstuffed cabbage soup too ! Pretty Please with spices on top make this again .

  15. The unstuffed cabbage soup is my new favorite soup from DGS. Please make this more often!

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