Jun 242013

Good old tomato soup with a cashewy twist!

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  20 Comments to “Tomato Cashew”

  1. This soup is now tied for my favorite with phil’s unstuffed cabbage! It was so delicious!!

  2. Perfect go-to soup, especially if you’re feeling sick and want something more substantial than a brothy soup, but without all of the cream and butter of other soups. The cashews are an awesome twist.

  3. The best soup! I check the website daily for this soup. Wish you had it more!!

  4. this soup is good. i mean like really good. I don’t normally enjoy tomato soup, but this soup has more complex and seasoned flair. very nice yum yum. the cashews are a nice touch. I mixed it with the spinach lentil and it was FYE.

  5. I check the website daily for this soup. As a vegan, there are limited options and this soup is phenomenal. Bring back the tomato cashew soup!

  6. Where’s the recipe?

  7. This is the absolute BEST soup. Not just at Darn Good Soup – anywhere. It was my favorite even before I had to follow a gluten free diet and I’m so glad that I can continue to eat it.

  8. Best. Soup. Ever.

  9. I make babies to this soup

  10. I live for the Tomato Cashew soup!!!

  11. Definitely the best tomato soup I’ve ever had! I don’t think this would just be “good old tomato soup” even without the twist. Cashew is an amazing idea in this kind of soup, and I love the little cup of cashews for garnish. I was sad when I FINALLY ran out of my small serving. So appreciative of this option as a vegan!

  12. THIS IS THE BEST SOUP EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I am not vegan. I will tear up a steak, burger, etc. so for something to be vegan and me to crave it, it’s gotta be good. This stuff is the best…. I could eat this every day. Just enough spice and very filling.

  14. My absolute favorite soup! I am far from vegan, and will choose this over all the other options anytime it is available. It is so creamy and flavorfull. Great on a cold day or whenever I’m seeking comfort food.

  15. This is absolutely delicious!!! I appreciate your commitment to providing flavorful vegan options!!!

  16. AWESOME soup! Thick and full of great flavor. The cashews are a perfect crunchy addition which can be mixed in or eaten on the side. Definitely one of the best soups ever!!!

  17. I love this soup, it is the perfect winters day warmer.

  18. best soup I’ve ever had.

  19. Wow. For a vegan soup (let me spell that out: NO DAIRY & NO MEAT), this soup is almost suspiciously hearty. Even though they’re healthy, every time I think about eating anything vegan, I don’t, because I know it won’t be filling. This is an, maybe the, exception to the rule. And it’s got personality, but it’s still within a range of expectations for a tomato-type soup. No no crazy surprises, just darn good.

  20. This soup is crazy good! I could eat this every day all day for years! Please make it more often!

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