Mar 162012

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  10 Comments to “Sweet Potato Coconut”

  1. seriously the best soup i have ever had. i dream of this soup & no joke – i check the menu almost every day to see if they have it!

  2. Please make this more!!! It’s our by far all time favorite soup. So yummy

  3. Oh my gosh!! I LOVED this soup!! I could not get enough of it.

  4. too sweet for my liking. Great texture and extremely hearty. Joes just not a sweet cocunut guy.

  5. Best soup of my life, even better than I expected. As everyone else has pointed out, it’s SO creamy and flavorful. Has a bit of a kick to it but nothing crazy. I’m in love!

  6. THE BEST SOUP EVER. I’ve been checking their website everyday to see if it’s one of “Today’s Soups” bc I crave it all the time and wish I could sleep next to a bowl of it at night and eat it in the morning and then more for lunch and then dinner. So awesome and spicy and warming to the soul <3 <3 <3 <3

  7. This is my favorite SERIOUSLY healthy soup they have- it’s paleo!!

  8. Best soup they have

  9. Sweet potato coconut is delicious, can’t be beat unless it is the gingered carrot and squash. :>)

  10. Been coming to your place since it opened and this soup is my new addiction. The fact it’s vegan makes me more appreciative of the incredibly rich taste (don’t usually associate those two things); once again, DarnGood has changed my life. You. All. Rock.

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