Mar 162012
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  5 Comments to “Seafood Chowder”

  1. Been waiting for the Seafood Chowder to come back on the menu all year! This soup is Darn Good, I enjoy adding some BEANS into mine (you should two) because it adds a good texture to it.

  2. If you love seafood will love this. Can’t wait till they have it again

  3. This seafood chowder is the best … it’s not one of the ones that shows up often, like chicken tortilla or lentil spinach, so if you happen to be in Darn Good when it’s on the Board, get it. There’s a generous ratio of seafood to potatoes and rest of the ingredients. It’s likely not low calorie, but it is enticing if you’re looking for a lunch time treat.

  4. Seafood Chowder is off the HOOK! lol

  5. The seafood chowder was delicious! Can’t wait until they have it again. Yum!

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