Mar 162012

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  12 Comments to “Potato Poblano”

  1. This is the absolute best soup I’ve ever had in my life. Please make this a daily item!

  2. I check every day for this soup. Every. Day.

  3. best soup ever thank you for making this, please make it a daily item!

  4. Favorite soup by far! Please make this a daily item:)

  5. I just tried this soup and it’s so yum! How about switching from lentil spinach to this as a daily vegetarian? Everybody loves potato, you know 😉

  6. I love this soup so much, I’ve been checking the site almost everyday waiting to see it on the menu. Please please make this more often!!!!

  7. This soup is amazing and almost tops curry cauliflower (almost, it’s so close!). A little spicy, very creamy and overall filling and satisfying. More please!

  8. This is my favorite soup you all serve, by far. From both me and my roommate, please please please make this more often!

  9. this is the greatest soup in the land. so thick, so creamy. DGS makes the best soups around! i find myself stopping in a couple times a week and have not been disappointed yet. every soup has been so filling, as well.

  10. This soup is so good!!! I wish you had it on your menu more often :)!

  11. This soup is the bomb. The perfect little bit of spice and loads of flavor! So smooth and creamy and cheesy… delicious!

  12. You guys make the best potato based soups I’ve ever had. They’re so creamy!I wish I saw them on the menu more often. Keep up the good work!

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