Mar 162012

Mexican pork and hominy stew.  A little bit spicy, a lot yummy.

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  11 Comments to “Posole”

  1. I get this soup every time its on the menu…. it be like dat sometimes

  2. This is the BEST soup I have ever had in my entire life. No joke. I need to go back today and stock up. omg. Please make this more often!!!

  3. Their best soup without question. It’s soooo good!

  4. It wasn’t my favorite here, but still very very good.

  5. This soup makes me think it’s Grito de Dolores (Mexico’s Independence Day) and I’m walking down the street in Mexico City while brass bands play and there are flags everywhere….then i realize I’m in Bloomington, IN but the soup I’m eating is rocking my face off.

  6. This soup is amazing–like Chicken Tortilla but lime-y and more delicious! I wish they had it every day!

  7. This soup blows my mind every time. This is an ancient soup. This is a thinking man’s soup. I would guess that many very intelligent people enjoy this soup. This is the best soup.

  8. The posole was AMAZING!! Its one of those soups that you take a bite and look up with big eyes and say…oh my god!! Thank you for making it…you guys are the best!

  9. I belong to a yoga group that dines at DGS before class. It’s a great way to start the afternoon & weekend.

  10. My new favorite! I keep checking back everyday to see if it is back. I also check often to see if the Cheesy Tomatillo has returned. I like to mix Chili and Cheesy Tomatillo. It is heaven! I will definitely stock up when they return 🙂

  11. Great soup. First soup my wife and I tried…we have become regulars at Darn Good Soup since. Best place in Bloomington to eat without a doubt.

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