Kielbasa and Cabbage


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  10 Comments to “Kielbasa and Cabbage”

  1. This soup was so delicious!

  2. Good to the last drop. This soup is positively yummy!!

  3. This is the best soup they have I am so glad its available on my birthday

  4. Kielbasa and cabbage is the best soup I have ever had. I am leaving Bloomington for the summer tomorrow and I hope it is there for me to get one last time. There is so much flavor and it is sooooooooooooo good. Please make it more often.

  5. Kielbasa and Cabbage is the best soup I have ever eaten (which is saying something because I love, love, love soup). I check the menu for it almost everyday and when it is available, I plan my whole day around it and I never leave with just one bowl. It’s the Darn Goodest soup there is!

  6. This soup is so delicious! Tried it for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it! Am from out of town, so trying to make it last!!:)

  7. This soup was so full of flavor and it was so filling. It is now my favorite at Darn Good Soup.

  8. So much flavor in a soup! Literally, best soup I’ve ever had. Soups tend to do one of two things for me: Either I’m hungry two hours later, or I feel so full and heavy I just want to nap. This soup manages to fill you up without weighing you down. Definitely coming back for this!

  9. I have loved every soup I’ve eaten at DGS. This soup was one of the best. I usually do not like kielbasa! But it was just delicious with the cabbage.

  10. I am thoroughly pleased with this soup. My family would have a heart attack if they knew I was eating cabbage. Darn Good Soup makes me love foods I’d never consider eating otherwise. Thanks for a good lunch

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