Cheesy Tomatillo


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  8 Comments to “Cheesy Tomatillo”

  1. This is the best soup I have ever had. I literally cried when I first had it and also when I just read that you guys are serving it today. I am vegetarian, and I really appreciate that the vegetarian soups here are as good as the meaty soups. This soup makes my cloudy days sunny.

  2. The Soup Nazi likes meat. It tastes amazing and it keeps his manpoints to an all time high the more he consumes. Cheesy Tomatillo has no meat in it. That’s ok. Take the risk, it’s worth it, even if your manpoints slip a few notches. You can always have a rack of ribs for dinner!

  3. If you lit my house on fire and I could only get one thing out, it would be my leftover Cheesy Tomatillo soup.

  4. This soup surprised me and became my favorite. Perfectly spicy and rich. I don’t know where else I’d find something that tastes quite like this. Go out of your way to try it if you haven’t yet.

  5. This is SO good. Please make it again!

  6. This is the best soup!! So tangy and creamy.
    Make a version with meat and it will be the only thing I ever eat.

  7. This soup is delicious–thick, rich, and full of flavor. I absolutely LOVE it!

  8. This is one of my all time favorite soups. Ever. You guys should definitely make this more often. I love you guys!

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