Best Cream of Mushroom Ever


It really is the best ever.  Try it and see.

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  10 Comments to “Best Cream of Mushroom Ever”

  1. If you have not eaten this soup you have never experienced true joy. It was life-changing. I had a dream about this soup last night.

  2. The name says it all! The broth is not that creamy, but very savory. If you like mushrooms, you’ll love this soup–it’s chock-full of meaty and flavorful mushrooms, making it very hearty–unlike the typical “cream of mushroom” soup that you’re used to. Don’t pass this one up!

  3. Good soup, I just wish it was more creamy. It shouldn’t be called “cream of mushroom,” but rather, just “mushroom.” It’s so chunky!

  4. Best cream of mushroom soup ever. No question

  5. This is the best mushroom soup I have ever had, period. Even better than the homemade mushroom soup that I had at a seaside French restaurant when I lived in Southern California.

    Nels is a food genius.

    I eat here as often as I can afford to.

  6. Had this for the first time today…. It is scrumpcious!!! So glad I tried it!

  7. The best mushroom soup I have ever had!!

  8. Shiitake son! This is some darn good soup.

  9. It really is the best ever. I have dreams about this soup.

  10. Truly the best. Ever. The scrumptious shiitake’s come in large chunks and the soup is the perfect amount of creamy. Well done DGS

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